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A.A. History in August

Aug 1
1943 - Washington Times-Herald (DC) reports on AA clubhouse, to protect anonymity withholds address.
Aug 3
1954 - Brinkley S. gets sober at Towns Hospital after 50th detox.
Aug 8
1879 - Dr. Bob born in St. Johnsbury, VT.
Aug 9
1943 - LA groups announce 1000 members in 11 groups.
Aug 11
1938 - Akron & NY members begin writing stories for Big Book.
Aug 15
1890 - E. M. Jellinek is born, author of "The Disease Concept of Alcoholism" and the "Jellinek Curve".
Aug 16
1939 - Dr Bob and Sister Ignatia admit first alcoholic to St. Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio.
Aug 18
1988 - 1st Canadian National AA Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Aug 19
1941 - 1st AA Meeting in Colorado is held in Denver.
Aug 25
1943 - AA group donates Big Book to public library in Quincy, MA.
Aug 26
1941 - Bill writes Dr Bob to tell him Works Publishing has been incorporated.
Aug 28
1954 - 24 Hours a Day is published by Richmond W.
Other significant events in August for which we do not have a specific date:
1934: Rowland Hazard and Cebra Graves persuade court to parole Ebby T. to them.
1939: Dr. Bob wrote & may have signed article for Faith magazine.
1941: 1st meeting in Orange County, California held in Anaheim.
1981: Sales of the Big Book passes 3 million.

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