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A.A. History in December

Dec 1
1940 - Chicago Daily Tribune begins a series of articles on AA by Nall Hamilton.
Dec 5
1985 - Dave B, founder of Montreal Group, dies weeks before 50th anniversary. His story was added to the 4th Edition Big Book.
Dec 6
1939 - Bert the Tailor lends Works Publishing $1000.
Dec 6
1979 - Akron Beacon reports death of Henrietta Sieberling.
Dec 7
1949 - Sister Ignatia received Poverello Medal on behalf of A.A.
Dec 10
1975 - Birds of a Feather AA group for pilots is formed.
Dec 11
1934 - Bill admitted to Towns Hospital for the fourth and last time (fall '33, '34 in summer, midsummer and final admittance).
Dec 11
1941 - Dallas Morning News reports first AA group formed in Dallas.
Dec 12
1934 - Bill has Spiritual Experience at Towns Hospital.
Dec 12
1937 - Bill meets with Rockefeller Foundation and tries to get money.
Dec 13
1937 - Rockland State Mental Hospital takes patients to meeting in New Jersey.
Dec 13 or 14
1934 - Ebby visits Bill at Towns hospital, brings William James' book, Varieties of Religious Experience.
Dec 19
1939 - Los Angeles hold their first AA meeting there.
Dec 20
1945 - Rowland H. dies (he carried the Oxford Group message to Ebby).
Dec 27
1893 - Rev. Samuel Shoemaker is born.
Other December happenings with no specific date:
Dec 1934 - Bill & Lois start attending Oxford Group meetings.
Dec 1934 to May 1935 - Bill works with alcoholics, but fails to sober any of them. Lois reminds him HE is sober.
Dec 1938 - Twelve Steps written.
Nov/Dec 1939 - Akron group withdraws from association with Oxford Group. Meetings moved from T. Henry & Clarence Williams' home to Dr Bob and other members' homes.
Dec 1939 - First AA group in mental institution, Rockland State Hospital, NY.
Dec 1939 - First home meeting in Los Angeles at Kaye M.'s house.
Dec 1939 - Matt Talbot Club has 88 members, uses wagons to collect old furniture to recondition & sell, not A.A., used A.A. program, material, marked first effort reach alcoholics outside married, middle-class category.
Dec 1940 - First AA group formed in St. Louis, Missouri.
Dec 1940 - Group started Ashtabula, Ohio due to Plain Dealer articles. A.A. Cleveland has about 30 groups.
Dec 1948 - Dr. Bob's last major talk, in Detroit.
Dec 1950 - Grapevine article signed by both Bill and Dr Bob recommend establishing AA General Service Conference.
Dec 1955 - Man on the Bed painting by Robert M. first appeared in Grapevine. Painting originally called Came to Believe
Dec 1982 - Nell Wing retires from GSO after 35 years of service.

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