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A.A. History in January

January 1
1946: The A.A. Grapevine increased the cost of a year's subscription to $2.50.
1948: Columbus Dispatch reported first anniversary of Central Ohio A.A. Group.
1948: First A.A. meeting was held in Japan, English speaking.
1988: West Virginia A.A. began the first statewide toll-free telephone hotline.
January 2
1889: Bridget Della Mary Gavin (Sister Ignatia) was born in Ireland.
2003: Mid-Southern California Archives moved to new location in Riverside.
January 3
1939: First sale of Works Publishing Co. stock was recorded.
1941: Jack Alexander told Bill W. the Oxford Group would be in his Saturday Evening Post article on A.A.
January 4
1939: Dr. Bob stated in a letter to Ruth Hock that A.A. had to get away from the Oxford Group atmosphere.
1940: First A.A. group was founded in Detroit, Michigan.
1941: Bill and Lois W. drove to Bedford Hills, NY, to see Stepping Stones and broke in through an unlocked window.
January 5
1941: Bill and Lois visited Bedford Hills again.
1941: Bill W. told Jack Alexander that Jack was "the toast of
A.A. -- in Coca Cola, of course."
January 6
2000: Stephen P., compiler of the Concordance to Alcoholics Anonymous, died.
January 8
1938: New York A.A. split from the Oxford Group.
January 12
1943: Press reported the first A.A. group in Pontiac, Michigan.
January 13
1988: Jack Norris, M.D., Chairman/Trustees of A.A. for 27 yrs. died.
2003: Dr. Earle M., author of Physician Heal Thyself, sober 9 years, died
January 15
1941: A.A. Bulletin No. 2 reported St. Louis group had ten members.
1941: Bill W. asked Ruth Hock to get him "spook book," The Unobstructed Universe.
1945: First A.A. meeting held in Springfield, Missouri.
1948: Polk Health Center Alcoholic Clinic for Negroes started operations with 14 willing subjects. The Washington Black Group of A.A. cooperated with the clinic.
January 17
1919: 18th amendment, "Prohibition," became law.
January 19
1940: First A.A. group met in Detroit, Mich.
1943: Canadian newspaper reported eight men met at "Little Denmark," a Toronto restaurant, to discuss starting Canada's first A.A. group.
1999: Frank M., A.A. Archivist since 1983, died.
January 20
1954: Hank P., author of The Unbeliever in the first edition of the Big Book, died in Pennington, NJ.
January 21
1951: A.A. Grapevine published memorial issue on Dr. Bob.
January 23
1961: Bill W. sent an appreciation letter, which he considered long-overdue, to Dr. Carl Jung for his contribution to A.A.
January 24
1918: Bill W. and Lois Burnham were married, days before he was sent to Europe in WW I, weeks after sending a postcard to Senator Harold Hughes of Iowa, saying he wanted to live long enough to see Hughes become President.
January 25
1915: Dr. Bob S. married Anne Ripley.
January 26
1971: New York Times published Bill's obituary on page 1.
January 27
1971: The Washington Post published an obituary of Bill W. written by Donald Graham, son of the owner of the Washington Post.
January 30
1961: Dr. Carl Jung answers Bill's letter with "Spiritus Contra Spiritum."
Other significant things that happened in January (no specific date available):
1938: Jim B., author of The Vicious Cycle, a former atheist, gave A.A. "God as we understand Him."
1940: First AA meeting not in a home meets at Kings School, Akron, Ohio.
1942: Drunks are Square Pegs was published.
1951: The A.A. Grapevine published a memorial issue on Dr. Bob.
1984: Pass It On, the story of Bill W. and how the A.A. message reached the world, was published.

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