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A.A. History in November

Nov 1
1947 - 1st AA Group in Anchorage, Alaska.
1963 - Reverend Sam Shoemaker dies.
Nov 3
2001 - J. P. Miller who wrote screenplay for "The Days of Wine and Roses" died.
Nov 9
1966 - President Johnson appoints Marty M to the 1st National Advisory Committee on Alcoholism.
Nov 10
1940 - First AA group formed in Minneapolis.
2001 - First of 400,000 4th Edition Big Books arrives in the mail.
Nov 11
1934 - Armistice Day; Bill started drinking after dry spell, beginning of Bill's last drunk.
Nov 12
1940 - 1st AA meeting is held in Boston.
Nov 13
1939 - Bill wants to go to work at Towns Hsp, NY drunks want him to stay on as head of the movement.
Nov 14
1940 - Alcoholic Foundation publishes first AA Bulletin.
Nov 15
1949 - Bill W suggests that groups devote Thanksgiving week to dicussions of the 12 Traditions.
Nov 16
1950 - Dr. Bob died.
Nov 18
1946 - First Dublin Ireland group met.
Nov 21
1939 - AAs in San Francisco hold first California AA meeting in the Clift Hotel.
1952 - Willard Richardson, past Treasurer/Chairman of Alcoholic Foundation, dies.
Nov 26
1895 - Bill W. born in East Dorsett, VT.
1939 - Dilworth Lupton gave sermon "Mr. X and Alcoholics Anonymous". Became one of first pamphlets on AA.
Nov 28
1939 - Hank P. writes Bill advocating autonomy for all AA groups.
Nov 28
1943 - Bill guest speaker San Quentin Penitentiary (sometimes dated Dec 2, 1943).
Other significant events in November for which we do not have a specific date:
Nov 1934 - Ebby T. carries message to Bill.
Nov 1936 - Fitz M leaves Towns Hospital to become 'AA #3 in NY', with Bill W and Hank P.
Nov 1937 - Bill and Dr. Bob compare notes in Akron. Count forty cases staying sober. Meeting of the Akron Group to consider Bill's ideas for how to expand the movement ... a book, AA hospitals, paid missionaries. Passed by a majority of 2.
Nov/Dec 1939 - Akron group withdrawals from association with Oxford Group. Meetings moved from T. Henry & Clarence Williams to Dr Bob's and other members' homes.
Nov 1941 - "First Mass AA Meeting" in Oklahoma City, 8 present, 1 was drunk.
Nov 1945 - Bill's article called 'Those Goof Balls' published in Grapevine.
Nov 1986 - Big Book published in paperback.

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