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October 5, 2014
Four members present. We reviewed area assembly minutes from 1970-1972 and assigned keywords for indexing. Theron will be attending the National AA Archives workshop in King of Prussia, October 9-12 where he will give a presentation on “Digital Archives”.
August 3, 2014
Four members present. Kate L. will query the GSO registrar database for information on when each group first started. Theron continues to scan Jack W.’s delegate and trustee papers.
June 1, 2014
Discussed staffing for archives display room at State Convention in August 2014, discussed coordinating display materials with Area 33 and Area 34 archives to avoid duplication.
April 6, 2014
Reported as follows:
  • Reviewed status of archives holdings: we have 7 GB of minutes, group histories, meeting schedules, etc.
  • Digital content is stored in five locations with full content on each.
  • Finding aid created with 140 records created.
  • Group worked on sorting and labeling Jack W.’s delegate papers.
  • Theron has been asked to give a presentation on digital archiving at the 2014 National AA Archives Workshop in October.
February 2, 2014
Eight members present. Committee approved reimbursement to chairperson for purchase of scanner for digitizing area minutes and delegates papers. Theron will next take this request to Finance Committee at April 2014 Assembly. Committee reviewed five years of minutes from 1950’s and ‘60’s for keywords. This supports development of an archives finder’s aid. We have a number of historical AA pamphlets to the archives section of the website.
December 1, 2013
Six members present. The group began the task of assigning keywords to area minutes for indexing and retrieval. Minutes from years 1951-1956 were indexed. Completed scanning the Chesaning Group Secretaries notebook covering 1951-1981.
October 6, 2013
Seven members present. Phil L. read the statement he drafted on behalf of the committee explaining the status and relationship of the Archivist and the Archives Committee. The statement was accepted unanimously. Theron B. reviewed revisions to the Archives Committee guidelines to clarify aspects of the Archivists role and reimbursement for expenses. The scanning project is continuing with group secretary notebooks from Brighton and Chesaning.
August 4, 2013
Seven in attendance. Current focus for new materials is on collecting group history information. We have started a map showing dates AA started in town’s and cities. We are seeking obituaries of old-timers and oral histories. Phil H. brought up AA hospital in Ypsilanti in the early days. Area 33 has information. Phil will work with their archivist; Bill T. Paul L. will put together draft guidelines on archivists and collections. Jim D.”s state convention expenses are outside the committee’s purview because it is his personal collection, so we have no opinion.
June 2, 2013
  • We are continuing to scan materials loaned from Jim D.'s collection, including group histories.
  • Having finished scanning the Area 32 minutes back to 1956, we have begun scanning Jack W.'s delegate and trustee papers.
  • Theron attended Basic Archives workshop and Archival Conservation workshop put on by Michigan Historical Association.
  • We are looking for IntraArea meeting minutes from most of the 1960's - please check your basements and attics.
April 7, 2013
We had six members present and discussed our current projects:
  1. We now have a draft Collections Policy that is being reviewed by the committee members. The purpose of an archives collection policy is to provide guidance and focus on what will be collected and what is out of scope.
  2. Scanning Area 32 records: All area assembly and DCM meeting minutes have now been scanned into digital format and backed up in three locations. Next, we will be scanning group and district histories lent by Jim D. We are also beginning to scan past delegates papers as they relate to their service to Area 32.
  3. Area timeline: As soon as the group and district histories have been scanned they will be passed along to Kate and Tom, who will be putting together a timeline of Area 32 history, similar to the AA History Timeline on the GSO web site.
  4. Oral histories: Gary is continuing to line up old timers and past delegates for oral histories. Recorded oral histories are transferred to the archives in digital form.
  5. The Archives Committee made a request to the Web Site Committee that an on-line web portal be established for the purpose of sharing historical materials, listing the archive's holdings and providing support and reference materials. No content with members last names, photos or other personally identifiable information will be made public. Archives records in cloud storage containing personal information are on a different server and are password protected so they cannot be accessed by the public. Anyone wishing access will need approval from the Archives Committee group conscience. After many good questions about access and anonymity, the Web Site Committee approved the request for the Archives web portal.
We have plenty to do and would be happy to have more members to help; as with any service position, the only requirement is willingness.
February 3, 2013
  1. Met with Finance Committee to discuss how Archivist and Archives Committee are funded.
  2. A used laptop computer has been donated to the Archives; an AA history slideshow has been developed and was displayed during the meeting.
  3. We are continuing to scan the Area minutes; scanned copies are stored on the Archives laptop with backup copies on a secure cloud location and a local USB memory stick.
  4. Archives committee member Gary is working on recording oral histories and has begun with past delegate Roger C. Gary has another interview scheduled and is looking for more. Recorded oral histories are uploaded to our electronic archives files.
  5. We have received a copy of the Archives workbook and related information from the GSO Archives office in New York.
December 2, 2012
We had five members present and discussed several of the projects we are currently working on: AA Timeline, using resources from GSO, Jim D.’s research and online history sources (Kate L. and Jim D.); recording old timers' oral histories (Gary); scanning DCM meeting minutes back to 1951 from Jim D.'s collection completed, now starting on scanning Area Assembly minutes (Theron). We presented new displays on the Oxford Group, the Emmanuel Movement, and the Washingtonians, and a collection of biographies of the authors of the personal stories in the first edition of the Big Book. We welcome feedback from members on what they would like to see for informational displays at the Area meetings.

Jim D: We had a display at the Grapevine Workshop in Ann Arbor in October. We also had a display at a workshop in Jackson in November. The Archives Committee is doing well on digitizing the DCM and CMIA minutes. The CMIA Archives Committee is helping with the display at this meeting and in the future.
October 7, 2012
Five members were present. First, they reviewed the status of the project to get past DCMs and Area Assembly Minutes scanned to digital format. Then, the following projects were planned, which members volunteered for: create a slideshow and display of persons involved in founding and development of AA; trace the growth and spread of AA in Michigan (primarily CMIA 32); collect oral histories of CMIA 32 old timers; and continue scanning of CMIA 32 historical documents. Also, the committee discussed options for electronic storage and retrieval of scanned documents and finders’ aid. Jim D. is working on local histories – again – a continuous job. We will have an Archives Display at the Grapevine Workshop in Ann Arbor on October 13, 2012.
August 5, 2012
The Archives Committee would like to thank Jim D. for his devoted service. Area 32 currently has no archives of its own; all materials that have been displayed at Assembly meetings belong to Jim D.'s personal collection. In the interest of ensuring preservation of our history for the future, all of Area 32's archival holdings need to be managed by the Archives Committee and the Area Assembly. This especially includes documents related to Area 32 activities but also documents and other materials related to general AA history and educational displays. This means the committee needs to begin developing and retaining such materials separately from any private collections, as is the practice at other Areas and GSO Archives. The Committee has begun to outline development plans for the Area 32 Archives.
March 25, 2012
Although we have had an Archivist for many years, we have not had an active Archives Committee. At the April 25, 2012 Area meeting, the Area Assembly voted to reconstitute the Archives Committee, with Theron B. acting as chairperson until the regular elections in December.
If you have an interest in preserving the history of A.A. in our Area and would consider serving on the Archives Committee, please contact Theron by email at As with most service positions, no experience is necessary, only willingness.
We will be at the Alanon State Convention in May. I am your Archivist in person only. The stuff I bring to each meeting belongs to the Archives committee located in Lansing, MI.
February 5, 2012
We have several commitments for Archives participation in 2012. Looks like a full and fun year. I am your Archivist in person only. The stuff I bring each meeting belongs to the Archives Committee located in Lansing, MI.
December 4, 2011
We had inquiries about doing local histories and questions on how AA works on Area and Regional levels – provided info on both – I am your Archivist in person only. The stuff I bring each month belongs to the Archives Committee located in Lansing, MI.
October 2, 2011
We are wrapping up the State Convention business. We will send thank you letters to the Archivists from Area 33 and 34. I am your Archivist in person only. The stuff I bring each month belongs to the Archives Committee located in Lansing, MI.
August 7, 2011
I will be asking groups to put together their local history. I have a questionnaire to aid you in your research.
June 5, 2011
I will be asking districts to work on their local histories. I have a questionnaire to help you with your research.

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