Area Officers

The C.M.I.A. officers include the Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar. The area officers serve a two year term beginning in the odd years. Elections are held in the month of November for the Delegate and Alternate Delegate and in December for the other area officers. Election is done by 3rd Legacy procedure as described in The AA Service Manual. The outgoing Delegate chairs the election assembly and forwards the results to the General Service Office.


Kate L.


A person elected by the GSRs, DCMs, past delegates, present delegates and trustee at the IntraArea Assembly meeting to represent Central Michigan at the annual meeting of the General Service Conference.

The Delegate serves as a liaison for two years between the area groups and A.A. General Service Office. It is suggested that a Delegate have five years of continuous sobriety.

Alternate Delegate

Jon S.


A service worker who at group, district or area level assists, supports and participates in service responsibilities where feasible, depending on local autonomy and local needs. The Alternate Delegate also leads the GSR meeting at CMIA32 Assemblies The qualifications are the same as delegates.


James P.


The Chairperson’s responsibilities are centered around the operation of the IntraArea meeting. The chairperson sets the tone of the meeting, ensures that all issues on the agenda are addressed, keeps order, redirects comments to the subject being discussed and maintains a good working relationship with the other officers, delegate and regional trustee.

The qualifications for chairperson are enough sobriety to be effective (4 years), involvement in service work at IntraArea prior to the election and the ability to perform the above activities.

Alternate Chairperson

Dan H.


Dave N.


Maintains attendance records via a roll call and records and reports minutes for all IntraArea council meetings, which includes mailing the minutes to all GSRs, DCMs, past and present Delegates and trustees in Central Michigan. This includes representatives who do not attend IntraArea and are still considered their group’s representative in cooperation with the Area Registrar, the secretary updates the mailing list when new GSR’s are elected by their local group and completes and mails update forms to GSO.

Alternate Secretary



Ed L.


Receives and distributes money according to the assemblies wishes, and keeps accurate legible records of all transactions. At Central Michigan IntraArea groups donate according to what they can afford after meeting group expenses.

The treasurer of the General Assembly and the District Committee Members (DCM) have a position on the Finance Committee. Normal receipts include, but are not limited to, group donations, the basket which is passed at the assembly to help pay for the meal and coffee pot (all the money in the coffee pot is sent to the General Service Office.)

We do not accept outside contributions. Normal disbursements include host expenses, committee expenses and secretary expenses.

Alternate Treasurer

Stanley P.

Area Registrar

Kim D.


In cooperation with the Area Secretary, the Registrar develops and maintains records of all registered groups, either active or inactive, within the area. These records include Group information such as Group name, meeting location and time.

Registrars are also responsible for names, mailing addresses, phone numbers for the GSR’s, DCM’s, district officers, area officers and other area committee members. Any information change or addition generated at the district level is sent to the area to be entered into their system and then sent on to G.S.O. By keeping accurate records, communication is enhanced throughout the general service structure.

The Area Registrar will also be responsible for updating the area-wide meeting book. An Area Registrar needs a willingness to become organized and should feel comfortable working with paper. This service position demands time and attention to details; changes and additions are constant. Computer literacy may be helpful.

Alt Area Registrar

Jim M.