Area 32 Website Committee Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

"To oversee and maintain an internet presence for Central Michigan Alcoholics Anonymous, providing links, resources and contact information, and to do so within AA guidelines and traditions."


The committee's purpose is to further carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers and to those who may come into contact with them. With so many using the internet to find what they need, it's only reasonable that some will turn there for help and we want the hand of AA to be there. Our goal is to inform both those searching for an answer and those already familiar with the fellowship of what AA is and where to find us in central Michigan. Since the cornerstone of AA is its traditions, we strive to maintain the site and its content completely within the Twelve Traditions and guidelines of AA's General Service Office and to do so clearly and concisely.

Website Committee Members

Terms of office for committee members shall be two years concurrent with General Assembly elections. The website Committee shall include the following:

The Chair can act as alternate webmaster and should have web access
Due to technical qualifications for webmaster, that position will be appointed by the Committee Chairman. This position is not subject to the two year rotation.
Any interested AA member

Voting privileges

Anyone AA member present at the web site committee shall have a vote on issues relating to the site.


An email list will be maintained by the committee. Actual decisions regarding policy issues must be made by a vote of the committee at a meeting.

Area Meeting Representation

The website committee should be represented at the area meetings. Committee meetings will be held as determined by the Chair. Prior notification shall be via email.

Appropriate Website Information

The group conscience will determine the contents, provided within the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services guidelines for copyrights are adhered to.

Specific Area 32 Content guidelines include

  • Area 32 standing committee meeting minutes
  • Area 32 Assembly meeting minutes
  • Area 32 Delegate Reports
  • Flyers
  • State Conventions
  • Workshops
  • Other AA activities that do not require an entrance fee for funding purposes

Any content should be edited prior to submission to comply with Tradition 11 and the 'FAQ about A.A. Web Sites' at

Submission Formats

Any submission to be posted should be emailed in electronic format to the

Minutes should be submitted using some form of word processing or text editing software that can be easily copied and pasted (i.e. MS Word, Notepad, Write, etc.). Acceptable formats DO NOT include "scans" of written or typed text. The result of this is an image and not easily converted for the web. Such submissions will not be used.


Links shall include the AA World Services, the AA Grapevine, other Michigan Area links, CMIA 32 Districts, and Areas which physically border Michigan and may include other links as agreed upon by the group conscience.

A mandatory exit from the site and warning shall be included when accessing any links or application software.

This page last updated on June 7, 2009