What the CMIA32 Archives are About?


“The Archives Committee gathers, maintains and seeks to preserve historical material about the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship. This material consists primarily of pictures, books, articles, buttons and Grapevine. This committee has and maintains possession of copies of the Grapevine dating back to 1951. This committee also transports a portion of these historical documents to conventions and meetings to share our A.A. history with others.”

Central Michigan Intra-Area Handbook


The goals of the Archives Committee are to:

  1. Carry the AA message to the membership of Area 32 and to the alcoholic who still suffers, consistent with our Fifth Tradition, through the preservation and communication of the history of Area 32 and of AA as a whole.
  2. Care for, organize and manage the archival holdings in a manner that will ensure their availability to present and future generations of AA members.
  3. Facilitate access to the holdings and sharing of information in a manner that is protective of anonymity and consistent with the first two goals.

General AA History

Books, pamphlets and articles related to A.A. history. These materials are suitable for public access.

A Narrative Timeline of AA History, courtesy of the AA History Lovers on-line group




Archives Guideline

CMIA32 Archives policies and procedures, also information that may be of interest to District archivists, such as guidelines on classification and conservation of archival materials.

CMIA32 Archives Documents

From the General Service Office

Additional Resources