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A.A. History in September

Sept 1
1939 - First AA group founded in Chicago.
Sept 11
2001 - 30 Vesey St, New York. Location of AA's first office is destroyed during the World Trade Center attack.
Sept 12
1942 - U.S. Assist. Surgeon General Kolb speaks at dinner for Bill and Dr Bob.
Sept 13
1937 - Florence R, first female in AA in NY.
Sept 13
1941 - WHJP in Jacksonville, FL airs Spotlight on AA.
Sept 17
1954 - Bill D, AA #3 dies.
Sept 18
1947 - Dallas Central Office opens its doors.
Sept 19
1965 - The Saturday Evening Post publishes "Alcoholics Can Be Cured Despite AA"
Sept 19
1975 - Jack Alexander, author of original Saturday Evening Post article, dies.
Sept 21
1938 - Bill W. & Hank P. form Works Publishing Co.
Sept 24
1940 - Bill 12th steps Bobbie V., who later replaced Ruth Hock as his secretary in NY.
Sept 30
1939 - article in Liberty magazine, "Alcoholics and God" by Morris Markey.
Other significant events which occurred in September, but for which we do not have a specific date:
1930 - Bill wrote 4th (last) promise in family Bible to quit drinking
1939 - Group started by Earl T. in Chicago.
1940 - AA group started in Toledo by Duke P. & others.
1940 - Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases gives Big Book unfavorable review.
1946 - Bill & Dr. Bob both publicly endorsed National Committee Education Alcoholism founded by Marty M.
1946 - First A.A. group in Mexico.
1948 - Bob writes article for Grapevine on AA, "Fundamentals In Retrospect".
1949 - First issue of A.A. Grapevine published in "pocketbook" size.

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