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What Is Area 32?

Area 32 is part of the General Service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous and consists of the Eastern half of Michigan's lower peninsula, except for the greater Detroit area. We have 14 Districts in our Area with approximately 600 registered groups. Our area assembly meets on the first Sunday of every other month, beginning with February, with a different district hosting it each time.

What Is an Area Assembly Meeting?

Area 32, a.k.a. Central Michigan IntraArea, is a body of GSRs, DCMs, a Delegate, past Delegates, Trustee, and past Trustees that meet monthly to carry on the business of A.A. in eastern Michigan. The purpose of IntraArea is to resolve any group problems and exchange ideas for carrying the A.A. message to the still suffering alcoholic. Our meeting divides the responsibilities among the DCMs and GSRs.

The DCMs hold a closed meeting while many committees, comprised of GSRs, past delegates, or past trustees, meet (such as Public Information). There are currently ten committees that deal with specific issues. The Council meeting of all GSRs and DCMs meets after these separate meetings. All committees report their progress and make their requests known at the Council meeting.

The delegate presents ideas and problems discussed in the DCM meeting before all GSRs at the Council meeting for a vote or discussion. The delegate also reports to the Council on activities, new literature, changes in policy, and other topics from the General Service Office.

Suggestions from the area meeting are taken to GSO by our delegate. One suggestion from Michigan recently acted upon by the General Service Conference was the creation of a film for Treatment Centers.

This page last updated December 13, 2009